About Our Wax

Here, at Studio Wax It!, we make waxing a breeze.  We pride ourselves on being a speed waxing facility, offering the most effective, efficient waxing experience.  We use hard stripless wax which is excellent for sensitive skin and delicate areas.  The wax is heated just above body temperature to help prevent burns and irritation.  With over 7 years of experience in hair removal, we look forward to pampering you and revealing a softer, silkier you.

Committed To Quality
Because we are a speed waxing facility most services can
be completed within 15 minutes or less. And because
lots of services can be double booked you could be in no time at all! However, we REFUSE to skimp on quality for
expedited services. We are truly committed to providing you with a high-quality experience from beginning to end. Our wax therapists are fully licensed professional estheticians who pride themselves on making sure you have an excellent personalized experience.

Bring Your Guy

Bring in your guy for any service and receive double rewards (infinity and chatterbox )points which can be redeemed towards products or services.   Get your guy all gussied up and receive points....it's a win-win situation!  Be sure to ask about how you can earn rewards by simply enhancing your beauty.

Special Events

Studio Wax It! provides waxing services for a variety of special events including weddings parties, birthday parties, sporting and charity events and more.  Do you need us on location? Or perhaps you need a place to host your next gathering.  Not a problem.  We can accommodate you. Book us for your next special event now!