About Us

Studio Wax It is a mobile waxing service located in the greater Tampa Bay Area. We provide onsite waxing throughout the entire Bay area.  Our Founder and head esthetician, Anjuli,  has over 10 years of hair removal and skin care experience. We make waxing easier than it has ever been before.

The Wax

We make waxing a breeze.  We pride ourselves on being a speed waxing facility, offering the most effective, efficient waxing experience. We use a hard stripless wax, imported from Italy, which is excellent for sensitive skin and delicate areas. we do not double dip which ensure clean wax every visit. Our exotic wax is heated just above body temperature to help prevent burns and irritation.  With over 10 years of experience in hair removal, we look forward to pampering you and revealing a softer, silkier you.

Committed To Quality

Because we are a speed waxing facility most services can
be completed within 15 minutes or less. And because
lots of services can be double booked you could be in no time at all!However, we REFUSE to skimp on quality for expedited services. We are truly committed to providing you with a high-quality experience from beginning to end. Our wax therapists are fully licensed professional estheticians who pride themselves on making sure you have an excellent personalized experience.