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  1. Eyebrows
    Reshaping and or cleaning up and redefining the brows.
  2. Upper Lip
    Hair removal on the upper lip.
  3. Chin/Full Chin
    Hair removal from chin and or beneath the chin
  4. Cheeks or Sideburns
    Enter the dish description here.
  5. Neck or Hairline
    Hair Removal from the Nape of Neck and or Forehead area
  6. Full Face
    Enter the dish description here.

Lower Body

Upper Body
  1. Full Arms
    Hair removal from arms and hands
  2. Half Arms (+$5 for gentlemen)
    Hair removal from stomach
  3. Full Back/Half Back (Half Back is $21)
    Begins below the neck down to the waist
  4. Chest
    Hair removal from the pectorals only
  5. Under Arms
    Hair removal from the under arms
  6. Stomach(additional $5 for gentlemen)
    Starts beneath the Pectorals and ends at the waist.
  1. Brazilian
    Removes as much hair from the bikini area & the butt strip.
  2. French Bikini
    Removes as much hair from the frontal bikini area only.
  3. Bikini Line
    Removes hair that is just outside of the panty line.
  4. Lower Leg
    Starts just above the knee down to the feet and toes
  5. Full Butt
    Hair removal from the buttocks and the butt strip
  6. Upper Leg
    Includes the knee up to the hip joint.
  1. Lower Lip
    Enter the dish description here.
  2. Ears
    Enter the dish description here.
  3. Hands Feet or Shoulders
    Shoulder begins at the deltoid and ends just below neck
  4. Chest + Stomach Strip or Butt Strip
    Between the buttocks or center of Abdomen and Chest
  5. Nose
    Enter the dish description here.
  6. Shoulders
    Starts below deltoid up to the bottom of the neck